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Welcome to the Blue Fellowship
'This is my last word,' he said in a low voice. 'The Ring-bearer is setting out on the Quest of Mount Doom. On him alone is any charge laid: neither to cast away the Ring, nor to deliver it to any servant of the Enemy nor indeed to let any handle it, save members of the Company and the Council, and only then in gravest need. The others go with him as free companions, to help him on his way. You may tarry, or come back, or turn aside into other paths, as chance allows. The further you go, the less easy will it be to withdraw; yet no oath or bond is laid on you to go further than you will. For you do not yet know the strength of your hearts, and you cannot foresee what each may meet upon the road.'

The Blue Fellowship is not a kinship.

This Fellowship is an attempt to find other players who want to walk through every aspect of the game togheter.
Members will have to help each other in order to advance at the same speed, to grow up togheter and to create strong ties of brotherhood.
The Fellowship have NO intention to became a kinship, its maximum amount of members will be nine.

As said before this Fellowship will try to touch every aspect of the game:

- Role play: Laurelin is a RP Srver, so members will have to role play their actions between them and with other players. Goal of the Fellowship is to role play the Epic Story Line of LOTRO.
- Questi: another goal, try to complete every quest in each region of Middle-Earth.
- Crafting: try to be self sufficient as group.
- Raid: as soon as the member's level will allow it!
- Skirmish: will be used as training but also for role play events.

There will be one events per week, date and time will be decided by the players.

So if you have found all this interesting and want to give it a try send your application now!

To join you just need a character who have just completed the Intro of the game, because the Prologue will be played togheter and so on!
We are looking for motivated players with a minimum of knowledge of the Lord of the Rings lore.

For any question...well just ask! We will be happy to answer!

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Biful / Jan 23, 2014
Square rock houses? Dark rooms and old dirty floors? Noisy Breeland bumpkins?

No more!

Enjoy your stay in Falathlorn, where is always Spring!

Have a walk across its streets, meet beautiful and wise Elves!

and between a song and another enjoy a dip in the cool waters of the River Lune!

The Blue Fellowship Residence, try it you will not regret! 8)

Biful / Jul 29, 2013

Dear friends, five months have passed since we started our journey togheter.

Many have joined us though for a short time, others for longer, now we are three, the core of this fellowship, and the door is always open for those who want to return...

I hope this new year will bring us far, with new adventures, and deeper in the knowledge of this game and its lore.

Just to begin we have a new house, I invite you to visit it, since we are not a kinship we will use it as trophy room, its coffer will serve as swap area for resources and new gears, I have already prepared a personal chest for every active member, so please go and check yourself!

I would like that you, friends, move your residence in the same neighbourhood. This is just a wish, not a formal request, and does not serve the purpose of our game style, cause we start play where we left the previous time.

As far as I am concerned I will try to keep track of ingame activites of my character (quests done, deeds completed, etc.), hoping to give to my companions a tool to stay abreast of how the things are going.

I also hope that this site will be more active this year, in this way will always remain a track of our journey (so c'mon with F11 button!!!).

Let me know your thoughts!

Greetings, Biful. :D