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Phew, wanted to be done with this days ago actually but a nasty cold kept me from doing pretty much anything besides sneeze,cough and sleep...
Anyways now that im finaly back in shape il get right on with Arynnva's History, however im not gonna bore anyone with a 10 pages chunk of story hehe, well no worries, doesnt mean the char is dull either, i will constantly update this bio with missing information from week to week as we progress with the party so each question anyone may have will be answered in due time.

With her worn,ragged remains of Agmarim armor Arynnva is often believed to be a mercenary.. or worse, which is not all false after all. Many years ago she was the leader of an infamous group of bandits roaming the northern borders of Rohan, commanding both respect and fear from her warriors Arynnva proved great skills of leadership at the age of only 17, soon her life would change forever when personal matters led her to abandon the group with her first lieutenant. However, bandit-bonds are not forgotten easily as both were soon ambushed by their former comrades, her lieutenant managed to escape the death-trap but her own horse got hit by several arrows and she would soon be caught, branded as a traitor and coward her former friends sold her to slavers they used to deal with often. The slavers brought Arynnva all the way trough harsh mountains to finaly sell her to their Angmarim masters, the next 14 years she was forced to work in the hells of an Angmarim iron-mine until 6 months ago when she managed to escape into the north-down lands. Since her escape Arynnva started travelling south-westward fullfilling the tasks of various people until a strange letter arrived recommending her presence in the distant Celondim.
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