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#9537973 May 22, 2014 at 12:48 PM
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Greetings Blues!

So, Graran's beard grows ever longer (lvl 20 today), and he will soon be catching up to you guys, even if it might take a few weeks. I hope you won't progress too far beyond lvl 43, so we can catch up where we left off (at the beginning of Book 6).

But what happens after that? Do we want to go all the way through the first volume before we start on Moria? Or do you want to get your legendary weapon at 45? I vote for leaving the legendaries until we reach lvl 50 and Moria, because in that way Angmar and the instances there will be much more fun and rewarding, also equipment-wise.

Graran is looking forward to questing with you. Testing his healing skills already. I hope we'll use the xp disabler to keep things challenging, staying a few levels below the content - because Goblin Town was really too easy :)

See you in game! Baruk Khazad!
#9543263 May 23, 2014 at 03:32 PM
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Ah it is great to hear from you Graran!

Don't worry, we won't go too far with the story, I will be afk from May 27 to June 5...I've suggested to the others to help you leveling while I am away.

As for the next moves I'm totally agree with you we shall clear Eriador before strt Moria, we may also have some trips to Forochel, and Annuminas is quite fun!

Hope to hear other's opinions soon!

See ya soon brothers!
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