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New Year... new life.

Biful / Jul 29, 2013

Dear friends, five months have passed since we started our journey togheter.

Many have joined us though for a short time, others for longer, now we are three, the core of this fellowship, and the door is always open for those who want to return...

I hope this new year will bring us far, with new adventures, and deeper in the knowledge of this game and its lore.

Just to begin we have a new house, I invite you to visit it, since we are not a kinship we will use it as trophy room, its coffer will serve as swap area for resources and new gears, I have already prepared a personal chest for every active member, so please go and check yourself!

I would like that you, friends, move your residence in the same neighbourhood. This is just a wish, not a formal request, and does not serve the purpose of our game style, cause we start play where we left the previous time.

As far as I am concerned I will try to keep track of ingame activites of my character (quests done, deeds completed, etc.), hoping to give to my companions a tool to stay abreast of how the things are going.

I also hope that this site will be more active this year, in this way will always remain a track of our journey (so c'mon with F11 button!!!).

Let me know your thoughts!

Greetings, Biful. :D



I have no plans of dropping out so no worries :D Even in three it's a lot of fun, I'm glad to have found you :D
And I'll try to get back into screenshotting frenzy :)
Phew here we go, allright folks with the latest "in"activity i cant seem to see much of a reason for myself to stay in this kinship (if it even deserves the name) any longer, would have liked to see some places, do some rp and.. ... who am i telling this..? --_--

oh well, as we put it in germany.. i am the last i turn the lights off

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