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(Dec 15, 2013)
Yep, despite beeing outnumbered we did those instances like bosses, great job folks ;)
(Dec 15, 2013)
Completely phenomenal work guys... 3 people finishing a 6 man including all challenges that's something I haven't witnessed yet :D Glad to have been a part of it
(Dec 08, 2013)
Can't wait for GA instances next week :) thanks all that came for the party
(Dec 01, 2013)
Thanks for the fun, I think it went much better than last few times we played :-) oh and I got to lvl 30 :o
(Nov 03, 2013)
thanks all for the fun, was great running with you :)
(Oct 24, 2013)
Aye - the break came at a good time for me too, got my pc fixed and running smoothly again, cya all on saturday
(Oct 23, 2013)
Totaly, I'll be there - I had a bit crazy last couple of days, so the break actually did me some good :P
(Oct 20, 2013)
Hpe to see you all back next saturday! :)
(Oct 05, 2013)
Away for dinner tonight. Will post on the thread as well, as I will be away quiet a few Saturdays now. Sorry about that
(Sep 29, 2013)
levels are still 22
(Sep 29, 2013)
basically, we finished book 1! yay :) And started prologue to chapter 2 , they told us to go to forasaken inn, and that's where we begin next week i guess :>
(Sep 28, 2013)
Guys, I am not feeling well at the moment. Might not come online tonight. Sorry anout that
(Sep 28, 2013)
we just did a few side quests in the barrows, so nothing big :) we're lvl 22
(Sep 27, 2013)
I will be able to level a bit prior to the evening. Just want to check where you got to with the epic quest
(Sep 27, 2013)
ok :)
(Sep 23, 2013)
I'll be on saturday, but maybe alittle bit in late...wait me! :)
(Sep 16, 2013)
Guys i wont be able to log this week,hope you all have alot of fun! ^_^ catch you all next time!
(Sep 13, 2013)
I will be there!
(Sep 13, 2013)
All ready for tomorrow?!
(Sep 07, 2013)
lol glad to hear